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Sorry? por Cristina Elena Campos

``Sorry?`` I said, trying to guess where he was from. Maybe he was from the US, because he was speaking in English. He was blond and tall, and he had blue eyes. He looked Canadian, I thought. I don`t know. Leia o resto!

Dragon Zilan
Dragon Zilan por Thomaz Ribas

We will travel to the magical kingdom of Kazan in the Tartarquistan Republic in northwestern Russia to learn the fascinating history that occurred in the eighteenth century but was never forgotten by the Leia o resto!

Copia di Poemas  Artestimolo
Copia di Poemas Artestimolo por Ednacristinadesiqueiraalves

pequenos contos uma corrente de palavras vividas ,que escri para descarregar a mas vibracoes e as delusoes. momentos fotograficos ed passios Leia o resto!

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