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Culture Matters
Culture Matters por Jwt

The cultural requirements for Web 2.0 powered innovation, networking, and collaboration. Each of them by himself may not be of good quality; but when they all come together it is possible that Leia o resto!

37 Ways For New  Product Ideas
37 Ways For New Product Ideas por Marc Heleven

Looking for new products or services, check and imagine if one of the 37 ways is possible for your challenge. Remarkable innovations combine different ways! Enjoy! Leia o resto!

The Learning Curve
The Learning Curve por Marcelo Cazado

The value which education can provide through the inculcation of skills is enormous. Looking at economic outcomes alone, the OECD estimates that half of the economic growth in developed countries in Leia o resto!

Shaping The Future of Manufacturing
Shaping The Future of Manufacturing por Mckinsey & Company

When McKinsey Quarterly published its first issue, in 1964, manufacturing’s share of global GDP was roughly 50 percent larger than it is today. More Harvard Business School graduates entered manufacturing Leia o resto!

Resource Revolution: Gathering Force
Resource Revolution: Gathering Force por Mckinsey & Company

More than seven years ago, Matt Rogers and I, along with colleagues from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and McKinsey’s energy practice, coauthored a report and McKinsey Quarterly cover story suggesting Leia o resto!

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