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Compre agora! Compre agora! Moving on
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Moving on por Mario Persona

Out-Of-The-Box Wisdom For Your Career In This Ever Changing World - Find new angles and new paths for your life and career in subjects like: Entrepreneurship New technologies Personal Marketing Networking Leia o resto!

Good Mobile Manners
Good Mobile Manners por Tom Ghirotti

The way you use your mobile phone is an indicator of your level of education. If you agree with this and can have respect for others even when using your mobile phone, which is not easy, we recognize, Leia o resto!

Sorry? por Cristina Elena Campos

``Sorry?`` I said, trying to guess where he was from. Maybe he was from the US, because he was speaking in English. He was blond and tall, and he had blue eyes. He looked Canadian, I thought. I don`t know. Leia o resto!

Dragon Zilan
Dragon Zilan por Thomaz Ribas

We will travel to the magical kingdom of Kazan in the Tartarquistan Republic in northwestern Russia to learn the fascinating history that occurred in the eighteenth century but was never forgotten by the Leia o resto!

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