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Compre agora! Early Italian Painting
Early Italian Painting por Joseph Archer Crowe

Oscillating between the majesty of the Greco-Byzantine tradition and the modernity predicted by Giotto, Early Italian Painting addresses the first important aesthetic movement that would lead to the Renaissance, Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Expressionism
Expressionism por Ashley Bassie

Max Beckmann, Otto Dix, George Grosz, Emil Nolde, E.L. Kirchner, Paul Klee, Franz Marc as well as the Austrians Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele were among the generation of highly individual artists who Leia o resto!

Compre agora! The Fauves
The Fauves por Nathalia Brodskaya

Born at the dawn of the 20th century, Fauvism burst onto the artistic scene at the 1905 Salon d'Automne with great controversy by throwing bright, vibrant colours in the face of artistic convention. Fuelled Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Gothic Art
Gothic Art por Victoria Charles

Gothic art finds its roots in the powerful architecture of the cathedrals of northern France. It is a medieval art movement that evolved throughout Europe over more than 200 years. Leaving curved Roman Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Impressionism
Impressionism por Nathalia Brodskaya

“I paint what I see and not what it pleases others to see.” What other words than these of Édouard Manet, seemingly so different from the sentiments of Monet or Renoir, could best define the Impressionist Leia o resto!

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