Livros de Artes e Fotografia mais lidos em inglês

Compre agora! Dürer
Dürer por Victoria Charles

Dürer is the greatest of German artists and most representative of the German mind. He, like Leonardo, was a man of striking physical attractiveness, great charm of manner and conversation, and mental Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Dalí
Dalí por Victoria Charles

Painter, designer, creator of bizarre objects, author and film maker, Dalí became the most famous of the Surrealists. Buñuel, Lorca, Picasso and Breton all had a great influence on his career. Dalí's film, Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Courbet
Courbet por Patrick Bade

Ornans, Courbet’s birthplace, is near the beautiful valley of the Doubs River, and it was here as a boy, and later as a man, that he absorbed the love of landscape. He was by nature a revolutionary, a Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Little Girls
Little Girls por Klaus Carl

Ever since the ancient greeks sculpted the first kouros, children have been a source of inspiration for some of the world’s greatest artists. Whether portraits of their own children, friends, and family Leia o resto!

Compre agora! 1000 Sculptures of Genius
1000 Sculptures of Genius por Joseph Manca

From the Antiquity to the 20th century, this sculpture collection offers a truly original vision of Western art. Here are the most sensual and harmonious masterworks to the most provocative and minimalist Leia o resto!

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