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Compre agora! Do Not Fight Your Inkjet Printer
Do Not Fight Your Inkjet Printer por Homero Amorim Machado

If you own a printer Inkjet Printers and lives suffering with paper jams, poor print quality, Slowness, flashing lights and other "ghosts", must acquire the playbook Mingle at Peace with Your Printer Inkjet Leia o resto!

Integrating Search And Socia Media
Integrating Search And Socia Media por Icrossing uk

INTEGRATING SEARCH AND SOCIAL MEDIA An overview of current trends, and considerations for brands, retailers and publishers Written by: Rob Garner Strategy Director, iCrossing Gabe Dennison Product Leia o resto!

Compre agora! Compre agora! P2p-Vod on Internet: Fault Tolerance And Control Architecture
R$11,58 R$63,50
P2p-Vod on Internet: Fault Tolerance And Control Architec... por Rodrigo Godoi

A Video on Demand (VoD) system provides multimedia content to a set of clients in independent manner; users connect to the system, choose the content to view and start enjoying the service at any given Leia o resto!

Against Intellectual Monopoly
Against Intellectual Monopoly por Boldrin & Levine

Livro questionando o Monopólio Intelectual e oferecendo bases para a discussão a cerca do Creative Commons. Em Inglês Leia o resto!

Webtools Applied to Teaching
Webtools Applied to Teaching por anamariacult

A description of 20 webtools educators can make use of in order to faciliate learning. The book brings the description of webtools, examples of how they have been used by educators around the world, links Leia o resto!

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