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Overcoming obesity: An initial economic analysis
120 páginas
Overcoming obesity: An initial economic analysis Mckinsey & Company
The world has made huge advances in containing infectious diseases, but that progress is being partially offset by a sharp rise in the incidence of heart and lung disease, diabetes, lifestyle-related cancers, and other non-communicable diseases. One of the major drivers of the increase in these diseases is the rising prevalence of obesity.
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Shaping the future of manufacturing
136 páginas
Shaping the future of manufacturing Mckinsey & Company
When McKinsey Quarterly published its first issue, in 1964, manufacturing’s share of global GDP was roughly 50 percent larger than it is today. More Harvard Business School graduates entered manufacturing than any other field.
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Resource revolution: Gathering force
136 páginas
Resource revolution: Gathering force Mckinsey & Company
More than seven years ago, Matt Rogers and I, along with colleagues from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and McKinsey’s energy practice, coauthored a report and McKinsey Quarterly cover story suggesting that radical improvements in energy efficiency would be necessary as billions of emerging-market consumers entered the ranks of the middle class. The scope of our research has expanded beyond energy over the years. So has our sense of the magnitude of the change needed, which MGI and our Firm’s sustainability practice began describing two years ago as a “resource revolution” in another report and Quarterly cover story.
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Overview and full issue
112 páginas
Overview and full issue Mckinsey & Company
A decade ago, McKinsey’s David Court, Jonathan Gordon, and Jesko Perrey argued in these pages that the “traditional marketing model is being challenged, and [marketers] can foresee a day when it will no longer work.” Since then, digitization has continued to complicate the media environment, but it also has created new ways of engaging with customers and understanding their needs.
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