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Reference Text For The Courses Switchgear, Busways & Isolators & Substations Equipment



For a long time I had been taking the courage to leave, as a “free book”, this text I use as reference for two training courses that I have been applying for many years all over the World. Now it is done and I hope that this material can be useful to professionals who did not participate in the courses, to teachers and to electrical engineering students.
I am still applying the courses but with a much lower frequency due to my increasing involvement with the design of electrical testing laboratories and with the consultancy work I do for equipment manufacturers in the development of products.
I am also making available the software SwitchgearDesign_307 developed by me for the design of switchgear, busways, isolators and other equipment for substations (part 7 of this book). The explanation on how to get both is in the first page of the site of Cognitor http://www.cognitor.com.br (in English, Spanish and Portuguese).

There you will find also “free”, my recent non-technical book entitled “Between calculations, songs and meditations” and a link to hear the songs of my 3rd CD . There I I sing some of the songs I composed in the last 6 years. I have 30 registered now and some people say that they are not bad for an engineer. So, if any of the readers is a music producer looking for a new talent I'll be here. See also page 336 at the endof this text Divulgation is very welcome and for any comments please write to my email sergiofeitoza@cognitor.com.br

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