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P2p-Vod on Internet: Fault Tolerance And Control Architecture



A Video on Demand (VoD) system provides multimedia content to a set of clients in independent manner; users connect to the system, choose the content to view and start enjoying the service at any given moment. The video is down-streamed to the client, who receives, decodes and displays the content always expecting guaranteed Quality of Service
(QoS) from the system. One of the main goals in designing VoD services is to support a great number of concurrent requests generated by geographically distributed clients; VoD systems must achieve a feasible large-scale and high-quality service with the lower costs and fewer deployment restrictions.
Recently, multimedia streaming distribution in the Internet presented a spectacular growing. The Internet is the most popular environment of connected users and is deployed throughout the world. Owing to the public and global scale features of Internet, it has become the most important environment to deploy large-scale Video on Demand service

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