• Autor(es): Henrique Merten
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  • Publicado: 11/07/2013
  • Atualizado: 19/05/2014
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Beast Protection II - The Time Quest



This second book from the Trilogy "Beast Protection" tells the story of two Greek boys from ancient Greece, who travel through time fighting the Titans and other evil mythological creatures. The two brothers, Henri and Maximus Raidy, face Cronos, the Ice Titan, the Living Volcano, the Minotaur, Trolls, Goblins, and other creatures, with the help of a few friends. Will these young heroes be able to face all challenges from the threats of the Titans?
Henrique Merten Goldenfum is an eleven-year-old boy who always wanted to be a writer.
He already lived in London (UK)and Lyon (France), and now he lives in Porto Alegre (Brazil).
He loves reading, telling stories and, most of all, he loves writing books.
In this second published book, you will be able to meet again his descriptive language and his very visual writing style.
More will follow in his next book, already under production.
Don’t miss out.

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Beast protection II is the sequel about the two boys who lived in ancient Greece, the story is not highly accurate to historic facts and it is also extremely short but the author was only 10 when he wrote this, so I believe it is acceptable. In this sequel, the two boys and the friends they had in the previous book travel to the future. One of them (Zoad) had a very interesting accent, but I dont consider that important. Several titans follow them through, but none of them match real titans besides the time god and titan - Cronos. The four armed ice titan, for example could be replaced with the several armed Greek mythological monsters known as Hekatonkheires. Its an entertaining read that taks not even an hour of your day so I believe it is ok.
Anonymous Reader Anonymous Reader
em 22/03/2016 às 11:50h


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