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I do not know if real love is the only sense in order to survive and live a romance, I do not know if the family is sincere because sincerity can not be used in all forms, falsehood can not be exposed at all times a realm not can be led and won by rule but a weak one man, "humane" form of human right is the one who feels pain sadness momentary feelings to conquer a kingdom I'd go through all these feelings and live only today now that the moment without thinking tomorrow or yesterday, yesterday was like something off something of the past tomorrow would be like death but do not know if we will stay in power and now life the moment on my day to win a kingdom I break rules to be broken and people he loved would become cool not to see more light for me there would be no light at the end of the tunnel only a dark tunnel and without end ...
To really conquer a kingdom I would not be cold and not forget that there would be no feelings and lives depending on me to win a kingdom I would not leave my family and not leave and gone out of my heart and my mind my dreams, go beyond barriers and win wars win but more obstacles to conquer a kingdom I would only truly in yesterday's tomorrow and now I ... Because what counts is not power that counts is your soul your conscience your reality in his honor and there is no honor above all else except the will and glory of reaching the top and beat their chests and say and remember and explain and live and live only to win it all was only U.S..

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