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Que Educação Quero Para o Futuro? Fisk Goiabeiras



FISK Cuiabá - Unidade Goiabeiras participa da campanha "Que educação quero para o futuro?"

The following texts, for the most part, were written by students of our English and Spanish courses and the illustrations were made by children at different ages. It is more than expected that some grammar and/or spelling mistakes will be found because these students are still in the learning process. The teachers and coordinators reviewed everything before being published, but there are certain things that could not be corrected otherwise we would have something totally mischaracterized from what was originally written by the students. In other words, we had to keep some elements that could identify the characteristics of the person who wrote the text. We are sure this will not make your reading uninteresting and we hope everyone can reflect a lot after reading all the following content because only reflection and discussion can make a better future for education. We thank our students who participated in such an important project like this because without them we could not have accomplished it.

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