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50 Stories For Pakistan



A few words from me ...

This book would not exist without the generosity of a hard-working team of readers and editors. It is hard to find the words to thank them for donating their time. They are a group of exceptionally talented writers, dedicated to their craft:

Amy Burns Nick Daws Claudine Lazar Jayne Howarth Dan Powell Jodi Cleghorn Danny Gillan Laurie Brassard David Robinson Maureen Vincent-Northam Gillian Best P.J. Kaiser

I also want to thank Vanessa Gebbie for writing the introduction to 50 Stories for Pakistan. Powerful words from an outstanding lady. And thank you to my awesome wife for taking the time to typeset the manuscript ready for print.

And finally, a couple of special mentions...

While working on this book, I discovered that an author who had a story published in 100 Stories for Haiti sadly lost her husband to cancer. In fact, within days of losing her husband, she received a diagnosis of cancer herself.

On the same day I received this news, I was also told by one of the writers from this book that she has terminal cancer. In fact, as I write this, I have no idea whether she is still with us.

I dedicate this book to them. And to the people their stories aim to help.

Greg McQueen

This edition published 2010 by Big Bad Media / Greg McQueen, Denmark. http://www.bigbadmedia.com

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