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A Short Story


San Picciarelli

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Several years have passed and they can't even tell if the most hated person in human history is either a man or a woman. There has been only this undistinguishable voice that always revelas itself at the end of things. A naturally non-gendered voice, the tone of death itself.

The greatest conundrum is that we now know for a fact, that after all these years this merciless murderer is probably loved by many.

Those who, unknowingly, and in their innocent fortune, cannot even imagine all the atrocities attributed to his obscured and decadal camouflage.

The assassin feeds from belief, by always stating that reality overcomes everything. Even the truth.

As life itself spans with time, age also comes to the killer, equally unforgiving. Even so, there seems to be no halting to the slaying.

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